Monday, April 9, 2012

Decorating News Blubs and Trends for The New Year

Each new year we are presented with the new "in" looks, in color, decor,decor designed for the sexes, retailer's and designer's newest. This year is no different and here are some of the latest trends for the new year, if you are in to that. Many people don't go with what is trendy but prefer to stay with the classic looks. But, if you're into updating your decor each year here are some decor articles and news to consider:

* The Color Forecast. The director of color marketing and design for Sherwin Williams says there are 5 new trends for 2006 that will give rise to all kinds of new decor themes:

Here's Sherwin Williams "Do it Yourself" page that features "Faux Painting":

* New Decor specifically targeted toward the males of the species! Realm Dekor has a new line of decor and gifts called "Urban Equipment". Hard-edged and techy, geared toward today's urban male who doesn't watch makeover shows on the Bravo network I guess.

* Basketball fans rejoice, the NBA is coming out with the "NBA Home Collection" in April.

* Mexican Decor is hot at this outlet:,0,6856234.story?coll=orl-news-headlines-lake

* There's a new line of window decor for the faithful and churches at :

* More decor trends for 2006 at :

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